if this is Dyslexia…then…wait…well let’s just say that I’ve seen THIS before…plenty of times

Maybe it’s that I’ve always been dyslexic?  Could that be?  I have DEFINITELY had words do this for me while I’m reading.  I read something in a Temple Grandin book about how she’d address this with students by letting them work with tan or colored paper instead of white and that helped the eyes focus better.  …

Anyway, pretty neat.

EFDs are very complicated and multidimensional.

This isn’t all the times but now that I look into more information about how dyslexia manifests itself and its relations to other challenges of the PFC (prefrontal cortex)/EF (executive functions), maybe I always have been dyslexic?  I have CERTAINLY seen this phenomenon, get numbers mixed up and had to reread things a million times to get it.  But sometimes it’s all been very easy, I think it has to do with the level of fatigue my mind is feeling…I’ve had some significant head injuries so I think when I get “cognitive exhaustion,” going, my brain does all sorts of wacky things.  But my uncle had dyslexia so it’s not like it couldn’t be in the family….


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